Uploading your photographs is simple and easy! Once your photographs have been uploaded, simply send us the link and we will take it from there! We use Aperture, Photoshop and Pixelmator to add various effects to your images.

We assess each image individually, and then add effects such as vignetting, cropping, dodging and burning and adjusting the warmth of the images as needed.

If you have specific adjustments you would like made to your photographs then please write a note in the comments sections of the email!

The Simple Steps!


Step One:

  • In the embedded website directly below; Click 'Choose Photos' and select the photographs you would like to upload…

  • Click 'Upload Photos' and wait for the photographs to upload...


Step Two:

  • In 'Send Email to'; please enter ferry.charles@gmail.com and also your personal email address (for your own records)

  • In 'Subject'; please include your name and email address in brackets, e.g John Smith (johnsmith.gmail.com

  • In 'Comments'; if there is anything specifically that you would like done to your photographs.

Final Step!

  • Await for a confirmation email from Dull to Dazzling confirming the receipt of your photographs.

  • Your photographs will be processed within seven days and then emailed back to you.